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The Black Hole

The Black Hole (TBH) is a non-profit, open-to-all, casual educational and intellectual space for science, art, and culture. Located in the G-11/3 area of Islamabad, it has a 60-capacity auditorium, small library, and a children’s science lab. Live-streamed evening events and lectures, roundtable discussions, and video screenings are scheduled throughout the week. TBH’s goals: explaining concepts of high-science and high-technology in simple Urdu and English; nurturing young people of exceptional talent in every field; and creating greater societal rationality. Unconnected with any political or religious organization, TBH is purposed towards helping all citizens of Pakistan to participate fully in the scientific, social, economic, and cultural life of their society. The launch date is 1 March 2022.


Why We Supports The Black Hole

AIIR believes that nurturing science, art, and culture is vital for a healthy, progressive Pakistan and that thinking rationally is the key. We know that TBH has a strong Islamabad-based team of well-known science professors who will be personally involved in guiding school and university students.


We expect that other TBH events will help stimulate originality in art, poetry, music, and culture. TBH’s international advisory board of world renowned professionals could create beneficial linkages to Pakistan.

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